Public Act 100-1177 amended Illinois’ Prevailing Wage Act (the “Act”) in many ways, one noteworthy amendment to the Act is the requirement that the Illinois Department of Labor develop an online database for contractors to use to submit certified payrolls. The Department of Labor’s online certified payroll submittal site is now live at www2.illinois.gov/idol/Laws-Rules/CONMED/Pages/certifiedtranscriptofpayroll.aspx.

As the Illinois Department of Labor’s website for online submission of certified payroll is now open, contractors and subcontractors on public construction projects in the State of Illinois subject to the Act should adjust their certified payroll methods to allow for online submittal. For projects that are currently in progress, certified payrolls should now be submitted online through the IDOL’s certified payroll submittal site. However, individual public entities may still request copies of certified payrolls that were submitted electronically. For projects that have not yet been awarded or not yet under contract, the contract for these projects should include language providing that the contractor and its subcontractors must file certified payrolls through IDOL’s online portal.